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When Customer Meets Satisfaction

Below is a list of tips business owners can use to provide great customer service to online-only customers.

  1. Create an attractive, concise and informational landing page for the business's website. Consider the home page of a business to be just like the first minute a sales person meets a client for the first time. First impressions are important. Most people visiting a site will skim it for information and will only stay a short while. It's important that the home page of a business website explains exactly what the business is and what services the business provides. People shouldn't have to guess.
  2. Always provide a call to action for customers. Business owners want customers to dive deeper into their websites and learn more about their products and services. A great way to do this is to integrate a call to action button on the website. For example, write creative copy with a teaser and include a simple "Learn More" button.
  3. Ask for feedback and suggestions. If a business is mostly online, interaction has to be initiated and created. Offering an online survey on the business's website for feedback and suggestions will keep business owners informed as to how the services and/or products are being perceived. In the survey, business owners should ask for contact information, the customer's background or industry and what products or services they tried. Additionally, the survey should offer a comments section so that customers can provide details on their experience. Surveys give business owners ammunition to improve on their services and keep customers satisfied.
  4. Engage and interact on social media networks. Social media is all the rage and many businesses are turning to Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+ to advertise their products and services and, more importantly, interact with clients and potential customers. If a business is mostly online-only, it can benefit from social media through these interactions. Social media has the unique ability to humanize a business. It can also build credibility. Smart business owners also advertise specials and announce new products through social media. They can link their posts back to their website for interested parties to learn more about the business.
  5. Stay on top of it. It's important that online-only business owners consistently edit and update their business's website and engage in the business's social media networks on a frequent basis. The internet is an ever-changing and ever-growing organism and, if business owners want their business to remain competitive, it's imperative to embrace new technology and use it as it was meant to be used.

These five tips are just a beginning point for business owners to keep their online customers satisfied. With a little time, owners will see some great return on investment for their efforts.

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