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Once a survey has been created and provisionally tested it can be published to the Internet for final testing ahead of inviting respondents.

Final testing is recommended to ensure that the survey operates as intended and to confirm that when the test data is analysed the information is collected in a format that allows the result data to be analysed in the desired way. Test data can be easily purged prior to the survey publication being opened to the target respondents.

Respondents can be invited either via email, by including a link to the published survey, and/or by establishing a link to the published survey on either your own or a third-party website. It is also possible to configure the survey so that it appears that the survey is running from within your own or third-party website.

In the event that the survey needs to be modified after publication, some modifications can be made without the need for the survey publication to be stopped, but if more serious changes are required, the survey publication can be suspended, the changes made and the survey republished, in which case any previous links to the survey will remain valid when the survey is republished.


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