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Survey Galaxy Overview | Survey Results and Analysis
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Survey Galaxy results analyzer screenshot Survey Galaxy's online Results Analyzer tool allows you to view the real-time results and customise the report configuration letting you choose what, and how, the data is displayed permitting you to select from a range of chart and non-chart formats.

You have the option to display multiple formats for the same question, so for example you may like to view the results of a particular question as a pie chart and as a data table.

The displayed charts are interactive, by moving the cursor over the chart hover text displays the relevant label, in addition pie and doughnut formats can be sliced and rotated.

Selected survey items can be hidden from the report and multiple filters can be applied to the data allowing the data to be viewed in more detail.

Using the Result Analyzer's Export button the configured report can be exported to a Microsoft Word document and charts can be exported to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and also as individual BMP images.

In addition to using the online Results Analyzer the results data can also be exported as a CSV file for viewing in Excel or importing into third-party analysis applications such as SPSS.


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