This survey demonstrates how surveys can be used as a fast, easy, low cost and effective marketing tool. 
The survey contains a number of techniques that can be used to promote a product (or service) to a potential customer and also establish and maintain an active dialogue. 
Please note that although many of the techniques that have been used in this survey are standard when using Survey Galaxy's simple survey builder some of the examples use embedded HTML code that although fairly straightforward would nevertheless require some computing aptitude to implement.
Survey Title
The survey title is an important factor in attracting a positive response. The title of the survey should be treated in the same way as a good newspaper headline - interesting and enticing.
Survey Questions & Line Items
For a marketing survey the objective is for each line item, either question or note (such as this), to have a specific purpose that addresses one or more of the following:-

Market Research - the question will compile useful information about customers (likes, dislikes, wants, needs and expectations) so that the collated information can be later analysed and the findings used to improve on future marketing campaigns, services and/or products.

Marketing - the question or note will promote the services or products on offer.

Educational - the question or note will educate the respondent in a way that is beneficial to the overall marketing campaign.

The ideal line items will be those that achieve all three objectives.