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Survey Galaxy | Survey Critique Service
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Survey Galaxy Survey Critique Service

Survey Critique Service

We strongly recommend that you published your survey and before inviting respondents you thoroughly test the survey to ensure that:

  • questions are not ambiguous;
  • there are no grammatical errors;
  • the survey displays correctly;
  • any branching logic is correct;
  • page breaks occur at acceptable points;
  • the selected answer formats will give you the results that you require.

Using the Purge facility it is easy to purge any test data prior to a survey going live but please note, although there is no limit to the number of times test data can be purged, the purge facility will only operate on twenty or less responses.

If you have a specific query we are always happy to answer free of charge any general queries that you may have, simply contact us using the Help Request facility and we will attempt to answer your query as quickly as possible.

For surveys written in English, we provide a formal and more detailed Survey Critique service where we use our many years of survey and questionnaire experience to provide you with our recommendations.

The survey critique is a time related, and therefore a chargeable service. We provide you with a Word and PDF document containing our critique, see a Sample Report.

Our report will draw your attention to the areas of your survey that, in our opinion, will help improve your survey. We will put forward suggestions for your consideration, that you can then decide if you want to implement none, some, or all, of our suggestions.

The changes that we recommend may be small and easy to implement, however some of our recommendations, if implemented, may require extensive editing. You may wish to make any agreed changes yourself, or you can request that we make them on your behalf, in which case we will be happy to provide you with a quote once the required changes have been agreed.

Please note that the Survey Critique service does not replace our full Survey Consultancy service. The Survey Critique service is limited to providing you with a critique of a survey that you have previously drafted.

For details of our full Survey Consultation service please contact us with details of your requirements using the Help Request facility.

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