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Survey Galaxy | Domain Name Personalisation
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Publication Host Name Service

When you publish a survey through Survey Galaxy the survey is hosted by our web server. Although private surveys do not carry any Survey Galaxy branding the Survey Galaxy name will appear as part of the URL, for example:-

It is possible for you to hide the Survey Galaxy URL through the use of frames so that to the respondents it will appear as if the survey is running from your own server. Using frames is a simple and straightforward process but it does require some setting up on your own web server each time you publish a survey that uses a frame.

An alternative method to using frames is to implement Survey Galaxy's Publication Host Naming service where for a one-off setup fee you can establish your own personalised URL that will then allow you access all your surveys using a URL containing your own domain name, for example:-

Implementing the Publication Host Name Service

A Publication Host Name consists of

The name you choose replaces the more usual 'www' domain prefix, we have used 'surveys' in the example but it can be anything that you think appropriate.

Once you own the domain you will need to create the A Name record which will have an associated IP address. This must be set as the IP address of our web server

Some domain registrars provide a web based DNS management facility allowing you to define your name record while other companies require an email instruction so they can set it up on your behalf, often free of charge.

Please allow at least 48 hours for the Publication Host Name Service to properly propagate throughout the Internet, in most cases the changes that are made will take effect immediately but this cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that members using the Publication Host Name Service would experience some downtime if Survey Galaxy were ever to change their Internet Server Provider.

Where possible adequate advance notice will be provided to members, unless that is such action was in response to an emergency.

In such an event, to continue to benefit from the Publication Host Name Service, members would need to update their own named records with the new Survey Galaxy server IP address.

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