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Notice 11-Apr-2018
Please be advised that we have updated our Privacy Policy.
Notice 1-Jan-2018
Survey Galaxy would like to wish all their users a Happy New Year.
Notice 1-Jan-2018
Price Adjustment

Please note that prices have increased from Jan 1 2018. We have held our prices steady for a number of years but unfortuantely due to increases to our hosting and licensing and currency fluctations we have had to make the necessary changes.

We hope that our revised pricing still provides our members with excellent value.

Notice 3-Feb-2017


Please be aware that the ISP that supports the Survey Galaxy mailserver is currently experiencing problems and the ISP has just announced that it may take them a full day to restore the mail server services.

The website is hosted elsewhere and will not be affected by this outage but all emails to and from will be delayed and that includes any confirmation emails such as survey publication or export completion notices.

Until the email service is restored please use the on screen information to confirm the published surveys URL and check the Download section for the link to the export files.

If you need to contact us please use the Help Request facility which we will regularly monitor manually until the email service is restored.

Survey Galaxy apologise for any inconvenience this will cause.


We are please to be able to report that our email service has now been restored and notification emails should now be working again

Please be aware that because of the restoration it appears that some older email messages are being resent.

Notice 1-Jan-2017
Survey Galaxy would like to wish all our members a Happy New Year and the very best for 2017.
Notice 1-Dec-2016

Advanced Warning

Please be advised that the system will not be available between 8.0am and 9.0am GMT on Sunday 4th December due to planned system upgrades. We will do our best to keep downtime to a minimum and apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Notice 4-Jul-2016
Pleased be advised that the website is now operational on a new hosting platform eUKHost.

If you subscribe to the Publication Host facility you will need to change the DNS record of your publication host name as follows:

Old Server Address:

New Server Address:

If your DNS record is not changed then for a short period of time any requests to the old server will be automatically forwarded to the new server but this will replace your publication host name with Once the grace period has expired if the change has not been made then your publication host name will cease to work and public access to any surveys using the publication host name will not be accessible.

Should you experience any performance issues or functional problems please contact us through the Help Request facility in order that we can help resolve any problems.

Notice 18-Apr-2016
Survey Galaxy would like to apologies to all their members who were unable to access the website over the weekend. Unfortunately our hosting service ran a poorly configured maintenance script that resulted in a large number of live services being deleted and Survey Galaxy was one of many websites that were affected.

Our recovery was hampered initially because we were unaware of the extent of the problem and then because we were relying on our hosting company to recover our system for us.

After discussion with our hosting company we took the decision to restore our system ourselves from our own backups and we have worked overnight to restore services.

Data was restored from a backup that was taken at 7.30pm GMT Friday night, so any changes or data received after that time, up until the service went down which was early Saturday, will have unfortunately been lost.

Please note that if previously exported information is required it will need to be re-exported.

Due to time restraints we know that there is still some tidying up to do in order for us to recover fully and we would appreciate your patience while we continue to work to address any outstanding issues.

Please report any problems you experience in order that they can be addressed.

News Report 1

News Report 2

Notice 10-Feb-2016
Survey Galaxy would like to apologies to all their members who were unable to access the website for a period of time today. Unfortunately a server error caused a system restart that corrupted the database and it took a while for our technical team to identify and fix the problem.

We are pleased to report that the database issues were fixed with no loss of data.

We apologise for any inconvenience that the outage may have been caused.

Notice 1-Jan-2016
Survey Galaxy would like to wish all our members a happy New Year and a prosperous 2016.
Notice 9-Dec-2015
Please note that with immediate effect that we will be using PayPal for our online payment processing. Customers who do not have a PayPal account will still be able to make payment through PayPal using any of the major credit or debit facilities.
Notice 9-Dec-2015
Please be advised that as from December 12 2015 the Survey Galaxy contact telephone number will be withdrawn and the number discontinued.

Customers wishing to contact Survey Galaxy may do so through the website's Help Request facility or by sending an email to

Enhancement 18-Nov-2015
The survey Capture and the Respondent Activity facilities both now include information that will display the time a respondent started and completed a survey.

The display also calculates the duration in hours, minutes and seconds.

The displayed duration information can provide the publisher with a good understanding of how long on average respondents are taking to complete a particular survey.

Because respondents are able to start a survey and then return at a later time, or day, to complete the survey extreme durations should be considered when analyzing the duration information.

Notice 14-Nov-2015
Pleased be advised that the website is now operational on a new hosting platform and a new MySQL database. Should you experience any performance issues or functional problems please contact us through the Help Request facility in order that we can help resolve any problems.
Notice 4-Nov-2015
Please be advised that over the weekend of November 14/15 commencing at 9.0am GMT we will be moving the Survey Galaxy website to a new UK based website host provider. While the transfer is in progress the Survey Galaxy website and access to all published surveys will be temporarily unavailable until the transfer is complete. We expect the transfer will be completed in under four hours but it may be longer if we encounter unforeseen problems. No action is required on your behalf, once the transfer is complete the same URLs will be used to access the website and any published surveys. Please note that in addition to switching the website’s hosting company we are also taking the opportunity to convert the undelaying database from Microsoft SQLServer to MySQL. We have thoroughly tested the new database and have optimised a number of queries in order to ensure that the database is tuned for MySQL but there may be some areas that still need to be addressed. If after the transfer has been made you find that there are some areas that take longer please advise us of the problem and we will investigate and if necessary optimise the database further. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of this notice, or require any advice or assistance please contact us using the Help Request facility.
Notice 18-May-2015
Please be advised that our ISP has been experiencing problems with the internet connection that has caused the service to be interrupted. The internet connection has now been restored but the engineer is continuing to make further investigations and it is possible that the site may go off-line again. Please be assured that we are closely monitoring the situation and if a problem occurs we will endeavour to restore the system at the earliest opportunity. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Notice 1-Jan-2015
Survey Galaxy would like to wish all our members a happy New Year and a prosperous 2015.
Notice 23-Dec-2014
Survey Galaxy would like to wish all our members seasonal greetings and for those having holiday may you have a great time.
Notice 25-Apr-2014
IMPORTANT Please be advised that urgent building maintenance work is scheduled to be carried out on the buildings where the Survey Galaxy servers are located. This will result in power not being unavailable from Saturday 26 April 2014 (approximately 8.0am GMT) for several hours while the work is carried out. While the power is unavailable the Survey Galaxy website and any published surveys will not be accessible. We apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause.
Notice 1-Jan-2014
Survey Galaxy would like to wish all our members all the very best for the New Year.
Notice 27-Sep-2013
Planned Maintenance Outage: Please be advised that the Survey Galaxy website will be down due to maintenance on 28 September 2013 between 07:00 to approximately 12:00 (GMT).

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Notice 20-Jun-2013
The export results template, SGExportTemplate-2007-2010.xltm, has now been certified to run with Excel 2013.

The Results Guide has been updated to reflect that Excel 2013 has been certified.

Notice 16-Jun-2013
With immediate effect our Personal Mini subscription is now available free of charge.

This will provide our members with the ability to publish an unlimited number of unbranded surveys containing up to 30 questions and includes a monthly response allowance of 500.

Excess monthly responses will be subject to excess charges as detailed on the Information page's pricing information.

Notice 25-Dec-2012
Survey Galaxy would like to wish seasonal greetings to all their members.
Notice 5-Nov-2012
Charts now include smart label management that will attempt to choose the most appropriate display mode for data labels in order that the labels are displayed neatly and without overlapping, no matter how long or small they are.

If the number of data labels is greater than what can be accommodated in the available space, then the data labels are either truncated (with ellipses to indicate truncation), wrapped, or rotated. Ellipses are added automatically when the label overflows beyond a predefined length. In any of these cases, the complete label is still visible in the tooltip.

Due to the flexibility of format selection and the limitations of automation there may still be instances where label overlapping will occur, if increasing the size of the chart is not an option, it will still be possible to override the default smart label management format by selecting the Slant labels option from the Results Analayzer’s Display Options.

Notice 31-Jul-2012
Please be advised that our datacentre is scheduled to close on Saturday August 4th from 8.0am to 1.0pm (GMT) due to urgent maintenance work. We will attempt to reduce the downtime as much as possible and apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this will cause.
Notice 13-Jul-2012
Please be advised that our servers will be closed down for essential maintenance on Sunday 15th July 2012. The website is expected to be unavailable from 13:00 GMT and the work likely to take between 3 and 4 hours. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.
Update 19-Mar-2012
To prevent problems with the third-party applications that are used to zip and encrypt exported information we have now introduced restrictions to the characters that can be used for passwords and we will no longer allow the use of embedded spaces, nor the % or " characters. The new restrictions will only apply to new members or existing members who change their passwords, existing members who have passwords that contain any of the characters will be able to continue to use their passwords but will be asked to change them should they be unable to decrypt exported information.
Enhancement 19-Mar-2012
It is now possible to restrict the number of responses by entering a Response Limit value. A survey's Response Limit is set using the survey's Edit Details menu option and is part of the Runtime Settings. As with all the Runtime settings the Response Limit value is dynamic and will be applied without the need to stop the survey publication. The Response Limit is based on the number of completed responses and leaving the Response Limit field blank will indicate that there is no response limit. Once the response limit has been reached any responses that have previously been started will be allowed to continue through to completion. Once the maximum number of responses has been reached new respondents will be advised that the survey is closed and for multi-language surveys the closed message will be displayed in the survey's base language.
Notice 13-Feb-2012
Important changes have been made to the Enterprise subscription.

It is no longer possible for the main account administrator of an Enterprise subscription to downgrade to a Personal subscription.

However, if an Enterprise subscription is allowed to expire, the account's individual users, when they attempt to use a paid service, will be given the option to detach themselves from the Enterprise account and take out their own Personal subscription. Individual account users will not be able to leave the Enterprise account while an Enterprise subscription is active, if this is a requirement, please contact Survey Galaxy for advice.

The main Enterprise Account administrators should be aware that should the Enterprise subscription expire and individual users detach themselves from the account the users surveys will be lost to the Enterprise account and transferred to the personal account, therefore if an Enterprise Account is left to lapse the Enterprise Account Administrators must delete any surveys that they do not want account users to transfer.

Once an account user has detached themselves from an account they will no longer have access to the Account's shared templates and will not be able to re-join the account unless they use a different email address.

If the main account administrator wishes to allow the Enterprise account to lapse and convert to a Personal subscription they will need to contact Survey Galaxy should they wish to continue with the same email address and to have access to the surveys they created under the Enterprise subscription.

Any queries please contact Survey Galaxy.

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