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Survey Galaxy | FAQ | Enterprise Subscription
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Enterprise Subscription FAQ

Why is the Enterprise subscription unique?

Unlike most software manufacturers who charge a monthly fee per authorised user, or a site license based on a theoretic usage, Survey Galaxy's Enterprise subscription offers you unlimited authorised users free of charge and your users can be located in the same office and/or spread across the globe.

With per user or site licensing it can prove costly if you want to deploy a resource throughout an organisation and give access to everyone including occasional users.

For a single small monthly fee Survey Galaxy's Enterprise subscription will allow you to provide a survey tool to everyone on demand and if the monthly responses volume allowance is not exceeded then for all non-time related services there is nothing more to pay.

So what happens if the monthly allowance is exceeded?

At the end of the month if the monthly response allowance is exceeded we will simply invoice you for the excess response which we charge on a per response basis, in this way the cost of the application is directly proportional to its actual usage and organisations only pay for what they use.

For organisations that have seasonal variations in usage this can prove very cost effective as quiet months are automatically absorbed by the pricing plan.

The Enterprise subscription monthly allowance is 4,000 responses, which represents an annual allowance of 48,000.

So how does this compare to other websites?

Some websites charge a subscription per user, if you are happy for everyone to use the same logon ID and password this may prove to be as cost effective as our own personal subscription but having a single common account for multiple personnel severely compromises security and control.

For websites that only offer single user subscriptions taking out multiple personal subscriptions can prove expensive and often sharing facilities, such as the ability to establish a group template library, are limited or non-existent.

With Survey Galaxy each authorised person receives their own private login and area ensuring security is maintained.

How is payment made?

The base Enterprise subscription is paid in advance. If excess payments are applicable they are processed at the end of each month and directed through a single billing point allowing all the authorised users of an account to continue working while the subscription remains active.

How is the Account managed?

The Enterprise subscription includes the Account Management Facility (AMF) that will allow you to nominate an account manager and self-manage the account. The account manager has the facility to add, modify or suspend authorised account users and can nominate further administrators to help manage the account.

Each of the authorised users will have their own private area, login and password.

The account manager is able to monitor usage and view a live summary of all the surveys that are created under the account and for organisations that need to account through cost centres a full report of usage is available online.

Are there any other features?

With AMF you can allow authorised users to approve their own surveys or you can nominate approvers for specific users allowing organisations to approve survey content before surveys can be published publicly.

Surveys can be transferred between users and a template library can be established that can be accessed by all of an accounts authorised users.

How quickly can the application be rolled out?

Roll out is almost immediate; it takes only a few minutes to grant authorisation and as soon as a person is authorised to access the account the survey resource will be available. There is no software to download and being easy to use most people are normally up and running within just a few minutes of using the service.

Our Help Request facility can be used to answer queries or resolve any problems should they arise.

Are there any contracts to sign?

To maintain your custom we rely totally on our ability to provide you with an excellent service and apart from the website's standard terms and conditions there are no long term contracts to sign or agree to.

How do I get started?

When registering simply select the Enterprise Subscription and an account will be created for you.

I've got specific questions?

No problem, if we have not fully answered all your question just contact us through the Information Help Request facility and we will do our best to address all your queries.


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