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Multi-Languages FAQ

Does it cost extra to use the multi-language survey facility?


The language I require is not listed what can I do?

Please contact Survey Galaxy with details of the language that you require.

I have a survey that I am translating into a number of other languages can I temporary turn off/hide the languages I have already translated to make it easier for me to add and work with the new translations?

Yes, use the survey's Edit Details menu option to deselect the translated languages you have previously completed, when you are ready to publish just remember to reselect them again. Previously entered translations will be saved.

How do I change the preview so that the survey is displayed in a translated language?

Use the Composer's survey language list box to select the language you wish to preview; the websites survey preview option (available throughout the website) will use whatever language has been selected last.

When a multi-language survey is published how will the respondents be able to select a different language?

When a multi-language survey is published a language select box will automatically be displayed at the start of the survey.

If I have a survey that I have translated into a number of languages can I choose which translation the respondent will be presented with?

We attempt to assign the correct language automatically by matching the available survey translations with the respondent's computers language setting. For example, if a survey was translated into English and French and a respondent started the survey using a computer set to French the survey would automatically select the French translation as the default. They would however still have the opportunity to select the English translation if preferred.

Because variants exist for certain languages such as English, French and Spanish, for example French and French Canadian, an exact match for the browser will be attempted first but if unsuccessful an attempt will be made to match the generic language. i.e. if the respondent's computer's language is set to French Canadian (FR-CA) but the only available survey translation was French(FR or FR-FR) then the generic FR code will be matched and the French translation would be offered as the default language.

Where a survey has multiple translations you can override the automatic language detection and force the default language for the translation that you want to use by specifying the language code as part of the link to the survey, for example:

Where &L=FR is the language code for French (FR), please note that the language codes for each language is displayed on the survey's Show Details screen.

I have a requirement to publish a single language survey for publication geographically throughout the US and United Kingdom. How can I ensure that that the survey is localised for each region?

We cater for languages that have regional dialects, set the Base language to English and select English (US) as a translation (or vice versa if you want the base language to be English (US)).

What would the result be if there was a difference between the Base survey and a Translation, for example there were more answer options for the same question in the base language than there were in the translation?

There is no check made that the base and translations match each other but if when published there is a discrepancy the base language survey will take precedence. If for a given question there were more answer options in the base survey than the translation the additional base language answer option will be displayed in the translation. If more answer options are present in the translation the additional answer options would not be displayed.

Can Survey Galaxy help me with a translation?

Survey Galaxy have developed a global network of freelance translators and can therefore assist you in your translation requirements. Please contact Survey Galaxy for more details.


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