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Survey Galaxy | FAQ | Pricing
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Pricing FAQ

If I only need to run surveys periodically do I always need to maintain a subscription?

You only need to have an active subscription for the period that you require the service, for example if you only want to run an annual survey you only need to take out a one or two month subscription once a year.  

What subscription should I take out and for how long?

If you are not sure which subscription you should take out we recommend that you take out the free Personal Mini subscription and if you then try to publish a survey that requires a higher subscription, or order a service that requires additional payment, you will be advised at the time and provided with a quote that if applicable will include a credit for any unused part of your current subscription.

Likewise if you are not sure how long you will require the service we recommend that you take out a subscription for a month and renew the subscription any time before it expires for uninterrupted use.  There are discounts for members who take out an annual subscription but if you want to trial the system first we recommend that you take out a series of monthly subscriptions until such time that you feel comfortable to commit to an annual subscription.

How is payment made?

Payment can be made online through a number of the leading credit or debit card companies via the PayPal secure payment system and we accept payment in three currencies USD, EUR or GBP. Please note that Survey Galaxy do not see or record any of your payment card details.

If you exceed your monthly survey responses allowance we will issue you with an invoice at the end of the month that can be paid online using the same payment methods or through alternative methods if other payment terms have previously been agreed.

Will my card be debited monthly?

No, we do not automatically debit your credit or debit card; before any payment is taken you are always first provided with a quotation that you will need to confirm before the payment process is initiated.

My organization does not allow card payments to be made or I don't have a credit or debit card, are there any other payment methods?

If you cannot pay online using a credit or debit card please contact us and depending on your status we may be able to offer you another alternative payment method.

What exactly is the Publication Host Name Service?

In a nutshell the Publication Host Name Service allows you to remove the domain name from a published survey's URL.  For a detailed explanation of what the Publication Host Name Service is and what it includes please view the Publication Host Name documentation.

Is the one off Publication Host Name Service fee mandatory?

No, the Publication Host Name Service is completely optional and many satisfied members are using Survey Galaxy without taking advantage of the Publication Host Name Service.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs although there are excess charges if you exceed your monthly allowance and there are a number of optional services that you can take advantage of, as a rule of thumb all the non-time related services are included in all of the individual subscriptions and any service that is time related will be an extra cost.

For example with a subscription you can export the survey results free of charge as many times as you like and included with the export are Excel macros that will automate the processing of the results; however if you are unable, unwilling or would just like us to prepare the exported results for you we can do this for a small additional charge.

Why if I have a valid subscription when I try to export the survey results I am being charged a fee?

If you find that you are being charged to export the survey results it is either that your subscription has expired or because you have ticked the 'Detailed Results Preparation' box which is an optional, but chargeable service.

If you do not want us to prepare the results for you leave this box unchecked and the export request will be processed free of charge.

Excel macros are included with the exported files that if used will process the results for you. The Excel macros we supply are fully documented, not hidden and can be reviewed but if due to your local security policies you are unable, or unwilling to execute third-party macros, or would just prefer, you can check the 'Details Results Preparation' box and pay a small charge for us to do the processing for you.

Does it cost extra to use the advanced options such as branching logic and publishing multi-language surveys?

All Survey Galaxy's advanced functionality is included with every subscription at no additional cost.


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