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Survey Galaxy Overview
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Surveys are created and designed using the Survey Galaxy survey Composer facility.

On the left of the composer screen a toolbox of menu options displays an index of survey items for easy navigation.

On the right of composer screen is the Preview Pane where the current survey's configuration is displayed showing how the survey will look to a respondent.

The composer's toolbox options allow new survey items to be created at the end of the survey, or inserted at any point within a survey, by selecting a survey item in the index existing items can be edited, moved or deleted.

Surveys can be enhanced by including HTML code allowing hyperlinks that can then reference other information.

Page breaks can be set automatically or manually, the default is to not number the questions on a published survey but if required then numbering can be set manually or applied automatically.

By setting the Preview Pane mode, you can change the survey style and customize the size, style and colour of the text, change the background colour, or colours of grid style questions. Customised styles can be saved and applied to other surveys, or choose from the extensive library of system styles.


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