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Survey Galaxy Features
Home Page The members area is for registered users to create and publish their own online  surveys Information on Survey Galaxy
Login or Register Overview of Survey Galaxy online survey services Key features of Survey Galaxy Demonstration of a published survey in action Tutorial video on using the composer tool to create your online survey Details of our online survey subscriptions and pricing
 Subscription InfoPersonal MiniPersonal MaxiEnterpriseInfo
  Minimum subscription period1 Month1 Month1 Month
  Free subscriptionUnlimitedN/AN/A
 GeneralPersonal MiniPersonal MaxiEnterpriseInfo
  Number of surveysUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
  Maximum number of questions per survey30UnlimitedUnlimited
  Included monthly response allowances5002,0004,000
  Availability of resultsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
  Number of account users11Unlimited
  Option to upgrade or downgrade subscriptionUpgradeUpgrade or DowngradeDowngrade
  Folder ManagementYesYesYes
 Survey ComposingPersonal MiniPersonal MaxiEnterpriseInfo
  Create survey from scratchYesYesYes
  Create survey from templateYesYesYes
  Import selected items from templateYesYesYes
  Create personalised templatesYesYesYes
  Include own image/logoYesYesYes
  Ability to include YouTube videoYesYesYes
  Question answer types151515
  Option to make answers mandatory/requiredYesYesYes
  Option to specify minimum and maximum selectionsYesYesYes
  'Other' answersYesYesYes
  Option to include question numberingYesYesYes
  Customized page breaksYesYesYes
  Option to include sub text with questionsYesYesYes
  Option to include additional question infoYesYesYes
  Randomize response optionsYesYesYes
  Randomize grid style questionsYesYesYes
  Ability to apply hidden scoringYesYesYes
  Ability to include HTML coding within surveysYesYesYes
  Validate responsesYesYesYes
  Branching & skip logicYesYesYes
  Save/copy/edit/rename/delete surveysYesYesYes
  Customize 'Thank You' pageYesYesYes
  Multiple languages supported in same surveyYesYesYes
  Customise survey styleYesYesYes
  Include a background imageYesYesYes
  Ability to adjust survey widthYesYesYes
  Personalised customised style libraryYesYesYes
  Survey Galaxy brandingNoneNoneNone
 Multi-User FacilitiesPersonal MiniPersonal MaxiEnterpriseInfo
  Centralised billingN/AN/AYes
  Account administration facilitiesN/AN/AYes
  Transfer surveys to other account usersN/AN/AYes
  Survey publication approval processN/AN/AYes
  Share templatesN/AN/AYes
 Survey PublishingPersonal MiniPersonal MaxiEnterpriseInfo
  Launch via emailYesYesYes
  Website linkYesYesYes
  Website pop-up invite YesYesYes
  Snap poll optionYesYesYes
  Pass reference with survey linkYesYesYes
  Publication host naming optionYesYesYes
  Search engine indexing optionYesYesYes
  Survey notesYesYesYes
  Split testing surveysYesYesYes
  Ability to apply password to surveyYesYesYes
 Respondent OptionsPersonal MiniPersonal MaxiEnterpriseInfo
  Survey response settingYesYesYes
  Respondent resume surveyYesYesYes
  Option to show status barYesYesYes
  Exit redirect optionsYesYesYes
  Quit redirect optionsYesYesYes
  Anonymous responsesYesYesYes
  Known responsesYesYesYes
  Capture hard-copy and telephone responsesYesYesYes
  Edit and delete response dataYesYesYes
 Survey ReportingPersonal MiniPersonal MaxiEnterpriseInfo
  Online respondent monitoringYesYesYes
  Include partially completed surveysYesYesYes
  View real time survey results onlineYesYesYes
  Interactive chartsYesYesYes
  Score reportsYesYesYes
  View individual responsesYesYesYes
  Email completed responsesYesYesYes
  Customised reportsYesYesYes
  Filtering resultsYesYesYes
  Filter responses by date rangeYesYesYes
  Report key optionYesYesYes
  Shared online results with third-partiesYesYesYes
  Export to Microsoft Excel CSVYesYesYes
  Export to Microsoft Word DocumentYesYesYes
  Export Charts to Microsoft PowerPoint PresentationYesYesYes
  Export Charts to Microsoft BMP imagesYesYesYes
  Export Data to SPSSYesYesYes
 Customer SupportPersonal MiniPersonal MaxiEnterpriseInfo
  Demo tutorialsYesYesYes
  Email supportYesYesYes
  Phone support YesYesYes


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