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Multi-Language Support Overview

Survey Galaxy supports the UTF-8 character set, allowing special characters and accented characters allowing you to deploy surveys in over 40 languages. However, our support for languages does not just allow you to create surveys in almost any language in addition we also offer the following:

Localised control buttons and messages

Surveys can be deployed that will display the survey control buttons and system messages in the local language. There are over forty language translations already in place but if you should select a local language that is currently not available please contact us and we will do our best to arrange for it to be added to our language library. Where a translation of the system messages is not available, the survey button titles and system messages will revert to English.

Multi-language surveys

Survey Galaxy's support for multi-language surveys allows you to create a survey in a base language and then provide multiple translations of the survey in other languages. This is ideal for public agencies that are required to produce their publications in multiple languages and multi-national companies that would like to do global surveys and allow their respondents to answer in their native language. The results for multi-language surveys are automatically rolled up, in real-time, into the language of the base survey.

When multi-language surveys are deployed and a respondent links to the survey, the availability of multiple translations is automatically detected and the respondent asked to select the most appropriate survey language. Where the preferred language of the respondents is known it is also possible to force a particular language to be used.

The translations can also take into account language variation between geographical regions. For example it is possible to deploy a survey in English/British and English/American so that differences in spelling and terminology can be accommodated.

Base Survey Language

In a multi-language survey the base survey language acts as the seed survey and to benefit fully from the facility all the translations must follow the base survey's lead. For example, if there are more answer options in the translation than in the base survey they will be ignored and if there are less, then the additional answer options contained in the base language survey will be displayed in addition to those that have been translated.


When viewing the results of a multi-language survey the reporting language will be the base language and all the data consolidated as though the only survey completed was the base survey. Any free text responses such as comments that respondents have written in the local language will need to be translated manually.

Variation between surveys

As previously stated in a multi-language survey there should be no differences in meaning and translations between the base survey and the translations and to benefit fully, the base and translations should be implemented on a like for like basis.

However, it is possible in the case of currency to provide monetary values in the local currency by maintaining a known and predetermined exchange rate.

For example if a survey is to be deployed aimed at US, UK and French respondents, and if for the convenience of this example the prevailing currency exchange rate is set at $2 to £1, and €1.15 to £1, then the following translations could be used:

UK Respondents will be asked: US Respondents will be asked: French Respondents will be asked:
How much would you be prepared to pay for the service?

 Under £20
 Between £20 and £30
 Over £30

How much would you be prepared to pay for the service?

 Under $30
 Between $30 and $45
 Over $45

Combien seriez-vous disposé à payer ce service?

 Sous €23
 Entre €23 et €69
 Au-dessus de €69

In this example if the UK version of the survey is the base language then any US respondents who answered 'Under $40' and French respondents who answered 'Sous €23' would all be combined with UK respondents answers that answered 'Under £20'.

If on the other hand the US was specified as the base language any UK respondents who answered 'Under £20' and French respondents who answered 'Sous €23' would all be combined with the US respondents answers that answered 'Under $40'.

Number of translations

There is no specific limit as to the number of translations that are supported for a single survey. However, there will be practical issues in maintaining surveys that are translated into more than three languages. If you are planning on having a large number of translations it is very important to invest the time in perfecting the survey in the base language first so as to avoid the need for making changes to all the translations.


Languages that write from right to left (RTL) are not specifically supported but in many cases can be used without any problem as a translation although there could be problems such as the in the online Results Analyzer if a RTL language is defined as the base language.

Survey Translation Service
Survey Galaxy has developed a global network of freelance translators and can assist you with your survey translation requirements. Please contact us through the Help Request facility with details of your requirement and we will be more than happy to provide you with a written quotation.

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