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Embedding HTML Code | Valid Code
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Using Embedded HTML Code in Surveys

Using HTML code you can fine tune the look and feel of your surveys, some HTML code is very simple to apply, for example to use HTML to make only part of a sentence bold
If you are experienced at coding using HTML you should have no difficulty in including HTML code in your surveys; if you are a novice, providing you are careful and take your time to work up to the more complex code, you should find a lot of HTML coding very easy and intuitive. 

If you have no HTML experience we would urge you to first become familiar with the standard Survey Galaxy features where for example, if you want to change the appearance of your survey, in the first instance, we would recommend that you use the Composer's Style facility to make changes to the survey's fonts and colours.

If you then would like to benefit from using embedded HTML code, we recommend that you start with some small HTML code such as changing text to bold or italic or both bold and italic before working up to slightly more complex code such as including links to other websites such as Survey Galaxy Home Page.  
In most cases incorrect code will be ignored or may only have a negative effect on the appearance of the survey but please note that in some cases it can cause a survey to become corrupt.

Supported HTML Code

For security reasons code that could be used for malicious purposes, such as Java scripting, is automatically removed by the Survey Galaxy composer.

If you want to benefit from including Java scripting please use the Help Request facility to contact Survey Galaxy support. 

The following is a list of HTML code that is supported as standard and that can be embedded in Survey Galaxy surveys. Please contact us if you want to use any HTML code that is not listed.

Tag On

Tag Off




Defines scrolling text in a field



Defines Anchor text



Defines bold text



Defines a single line break



Defines a citation



Defines a section in a document



Defines emphasized text 



Defines font, colour, and size for text



Defines Level 1 heading



Defines Level 2 heading



Defines Level 3 heading



Defines Level 4 heading



Defines a horizontal line



Defines italic text



Defines an image



Defines keyboard text



Defines an ordered list



Defines an unordered list



Defines a list item



Defines a paragraph



Defines preformatted text



Defines a section in a document



Defines strikethrough text



Defines style information for a document



Defines a table



Groups the body content in a table



Defines a cell in a table



Defines a header cell in a table



Groups the header content in a table



Defines a row in a table



Defines underlined text



Causes text to blink



Defines strong text



Defines teletype text



Defines computer code text



Defines sample computer code



Defines subscript text



Defines superscript text

Entering Restricted Code

Please note that if you attempt to enter the <script> tag, for example:

When you attempt to save the item you will receive an 'Invalid Data' error message and the item is not saved.

If you enter other HTML code that is not supported, for example like the '<input type=' that is displayed in the screen shot below:

When the item is saved, the problematic code will be neutralised with the added prefix and suffix '_** Invalid HTML disabled' and displayed as shown below:


Note: Any valid HTML code that was entered will be accepted, as the <b>(bold) tag in the above example.


If you do not want to lose code that you have entered do not remove or modify the warning prefix and suffix '_** Invalid HTML' as doing so will remove the disabled code completely. Please use the Help Request facility to contact Survey Galaxy for advise and further guidance on implementing any disabled code.

HTML examples

To view working examples of HTML you can import from the template library, the template that is titled, 'Samples of Embedded HTML Code'.

Important: Survey Galaxy does not guarantee support in using or resolving queries that relate to embedded HTML. If embedded code causes an error, or does not have the desired effect, we may not be able to fully assist in fixing the code or for providing advise on HTML coding. 


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