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Random Survey Setup (Split Testing)

From a collection of surveys, this guide will explain how you can randomly assign a survey to those who participate.

If you have a number of different surveys and want to randomly present one to each respondent it is possible to do this using Survey Galaxy by modifying the URL link to the survey.

A problem with long surveys is that respondents may give up before getting to the end or be put off even from starting the survey. A solution to this problem would be to break down a long survey into a number of smaller surveys and then have one chosen at random. The random survey selection is particularly useful when used in conjunction with snap polls where you can ask a question from a list of potential questions.


All the surveys that are in the collection must first be published.

Modified Survey URL

Invite respondents by sending them a modified link using the format:,K2,K3,K4

Where K1, K2, K3, K4 are the respective survey 12 character reference.

Please note the following:

When a respondent clicks on the link for the first time they will be randomly offered one of the four surveys (or however many are in the list).

Once a respondent has started the chosen survey then it will be permanently assigned to them. If they return to it at a later time then their previous answers will be retrieved and their response will be edited. This will allow people to partially complete a survey and finish it off at a later time.

When a respondent completes a survey that has a Response setting 'Allow multiple responses per computer' then if they were to complete and submit a survey, then redo the survey, they will again be randomly presented with any one of the surveys in the collection.

Important: To detect if someone has already started or completed a survey we use cookies. If a respondent uses a different computer, browser or has deleted their cookie they would be treated as a new survey respondent.


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