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Snap Polls

Snap Polls are a convenient way to quickly pose a question to your audience in situations where a full survey is not required. Typically, this will be through a simple list of radio buttons presented on your own website where once the respondent has completed the poll they are shown the latest real-time results.

Snap Polls can be used as a quick temperature check on important issues and/or as a quick preliminary research ahead of a more comprehensive survey. They can be related to serious topics or equally used as a bit of fun and in that capacity they are commonly used on the home page of websites as a way of engaging with website visitors.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-language snap polls can be deployed in multiple languages.

How to Deploy a Snap Poll

To have your own snap poll all you need to do is create a single question survey using Survey Galaxy's composer tool, publish the survey and then add a line of code to your website; the required code will be shown in the survey's Show Details display and will be similar to the following example:

As with all Survey Galaxy surveys you can customize the presentation of the snap poll form and the format of the results, showing them as a table, graph, bar or pie chart; the width of the survey and the size of the Results Analyzer charts will need to be adjusted so that the snap poll and the results display correctly within the defined size of the frame.

Showing the Snap Poll Results

If you wish the results to be displayed to those who participate in the poll you can either specify an 'Exit' URL, that directs then to the results, or in the Results Analyzer's left pane, under the 'Administrative Options' section, you can set the 'Public Access' option to 'Restrict'.

If neither of the above methods are used, once a respondent has completed the survey, they will be presented with the standard 'Thank You' message.

Multiple Snap Polls Deployed Randomly

Instead of all your visitors taking the same snap poll you can present them with a number of different snap polls.

To deploy random snap polls the URL link needs to be modified using the format shown below:,K2,K3,K4

Where K1, K2, K3, K4 are the respective survey 12 character reference.

For more details on deploying random surveys please see the Random Surveys documentation.


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