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Survey Galaxy | Account Management Facility
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Survey Galaxy Information | Enterprise Subscription | Account Management Facility

Enterprise Subscription and Account Management Facility (AMF)

The Enterprise Subscription is specifically designed for organisations who wish to deploy a survey application across an organisation to an unlimited number of users and require a single billing account.

Included with the Enterprise Subscription is Survey Galaxy's Account Management Facility (AMF).

AMF will allow you to manage the enterprise account, add and delete users and establish controls for content approval.

With the Enterprise Subscription you are able to create any number of survey templates and make them available across the whole organisation.

Primary Account

The Survey Galaxy member account that is used to initiate the Account setup will become the primary account.

The administration duties of the primary account can be shared by adding additional account managers but the primary account must remain active at all times for the account to operate as it will receive the management reports and will have overall responsibility for managing the account and responsible for the accounts financial matters.


Taking out an Enterprise Subscription

To take out an Enterprise Subscription first register with Survey Galaxy.


Consider if you want the primary account to be assigned to a particular person within an organisation or if you want to create an Administrator/System/Controller account that can then be assigned to an individual and if required, reassigned at a later date.

Enter the details for the Primary Account and view the Terms and Conditions.

If the terms and conditions are acceptable, click to accept and then click on the 'Register' button.

You will be redirected to the Members Area where a 'Getting Started 'menu will be displayed.

As part of the registration process you will be sent an email containing a validation link requesting you to confirm your email address. Please note that you will be able to continue without validating your email address but we recommend that you validate your account as soon as possible as until you have, you will not be able to publish surveys and the number of times you can access your account will be restricted.

If you do not receive the registration confirmation email please check that the email has not been blocked by any local email filters.

To validate your email address open the email and click on the' Validate your email address' link.

Clicking on the validation link will confirm that your account has been successfully validated and provide you with a number of options.

From the 'Getting Started' menu you will be able to start composing your own surveys straight away.

Enterprise Subscription

To start an Enterprise Subscription, select 'Subscription' under the Accounts section, or click on the Getting Started' Claim your free 2 weeks subscription' 'now' option listed under the Getting Started menu.

If you have not previously taken out a subscription you will be requested for additional information, the required fields will be highlighted in blue the other fields are optional.

Select the survey 'Default Language' and your preferred currency, once you have completed the form click on the 'Save' button.

For the Enterprise select the 'Multiple User Enterprise Subscription' pricing plan.

Select the period you wish the subscription to run for.

You will have the option to specify a 'Publication Host' name, if you are interested in this option enter a name in accordance with the notes and you will be provided with the cost for this service that you can then accept or reject.

Click on 'Continue'.

You will be provided with a quotation for the services ordered, use the 'Back' button to cancel, or if you wish to continue click on the 'terms and conditions' link and confirm that they are acceptable by checking the 'I confirm all the terms and conditions' box and then click on the 'Confirm Your Order' button.

After confirming your order you will be connected to the World Pay secure payment system where if the payment process is successful your order will be confirmed and your Enterprise account will be operational.

To return to the Getting Started menu click on the 'Continue' button.

With a valid Enterprise subscription the 'Getting Started' menu will be adapted to include Enterprise Account Management functions.

To finalise your account details click on the 'Modify/complete your account details 'option.

Complete any missing details and click on the 'Save' button.

The full details of the Enterprise account will be displayed.

Click on the 'Members Area 'tab and you will return to the Getting Started menu.

You can add new users to the account by selecting the Getting Started menu option 'Create the user profiles for your Enterprise Account'.

The primary account will be listed, click on the 'Create a User 'button to add additional users.

Complete the fields required to add a new user, those fields in pink being the required fields.

To share the account management responsibilities you can choose to create additional account managers by checking the 'Account Manager' check box.

If the new user is to be responsible for approving their own surveys prior to publication check the 'No Approval Required' check box and then click on the 'Save' button.

The new user will be added to the list of users and you can continue adding new users by clicking on the 'Create a User' button.

In this example a 'Content Approver' has been specified so that on publication the survey will need to be approved by the nominated Content Approver prior to the survey being published.

Click on the 'Save' button.

We will add a fourth person to the account, this time leaving the Account Manager privilege unchecked but with the ability to approve their own surveys by checking the 'No Approval Required' check box.

The User Profiles summary display will show which of the users have Account Management privilege and who, if anyone, has been assigned to approve each user's surveys prior to their publication.

To activate the added new user accounts, click on the orange status button, this will both activate the account and send an email to the new user which will include the assigned user name and an automatically generated password.

The new user will receive an email.

The email will advise the new user that an account has been created for them and provide them with the login username, password and a link to the Survey Galaxy website.

Clicking on the link will take the new user to the Survey Galaxy login screen where they can login using the provided details.

The new users account will be pre-validated and once they successfully log in they will be presented with the 'Getting Started' menu where they can choose which options they require.

When the user accounts have been activated the status will be changed to 'active' and the traffic light set to green.

To display a users profile select the select icon to the left of the user's profile.

By selecting an account user their user profile will be displayed and more menu options will be available.

To edit a profile click on the 'Edit Selected Profile' menu item.

By editing a profile you are able to add, modify or remove privileges and change the survey content approval settings.

Click on the 'Save' button to save any changes.

Sharing Surveys

In the following example the user Ringo Starr has created a survey that will be listed when they use the 'List' command in the 'Your Surveys' menu section.

The survey will not be visible to any account user who does not have the Account Manager privilege.

Those with Account Manager privilege will be able to view all the account's surveys by clicking on the 'Surveys' menu item in the Account Manager menu section.

Creating a shared Survey Template

Account users can create a new survey template by using the Your Surveys 'Template Library' menu option.

Design the survey template using the composer in the normal way.

When the survey template has been finalised use the Template Library's 'Edit Details' menu option.


Change the Survey Type to 'Survey Template (Account)' to allow the template to be accessed by all the authorised account users.

Select a suitable 'Category' for the template to be filed under and then click on the 'Save' button.

Those account users with the Account Manager privilege will be able to view the account's template library by selecting the Account Manager's ' Template Library List' menu.

When a survey template is added to the library at the account level all authorised users of the account will be able to access the template from the composer by selecting the 'Import from template library' option.

Any survey templates stored in the account library can be selected along with the standard Survey Galaxy site survey templates.

Publishing a Survey Requiring Approval

When an authorised account user publishes a survey that requires approval they publish the survey in the normal way by clicking on the publish menu option, button or publish icon.


They will be provided with a quotation that because of subscription will show zero cost.

If the authorised account member wants to confirm publication they will do so by clicking on the 'Next...Confirm Your Publication Order Without Charge' button.

The publication order will be confirmed but if approval is required a notice will be displayed advising them that the survey publication needs approval from their account administrator, they have the opportunity to cancel the publication request.

When a survey is published that requires content approval the status of the survey will change to indicate that the survey has been 'submitted for content approval'.

The nominated approver will receive an email that notifies them that there is a survey that requires their approval.

To approve a survey the approver will need to logon to the Survey Galaxy website.

From the Members Area they will need to click on the 'Pending Actions' menu option.

All surveys that are pending action for the nominated approver will be displayed.

The approver then needs to click on the 'APPROVAL' link for the survey that they wish to review.

An approval screen will be displayed and the survey can be previewed by clicking on the 'Preview' button and/or modified by clicking on the 'Compose' button located at the bottom of the display.

In the event that approval is to be denied comments can be entered in the 'Message to Author' box.

The survey can be approved by clicking on the 'Approve Survey Content' button, or rejected by clicking on the 'Reject this Survey' button. ' Save' can be used if changes have been made but the decision to approve or reject is to be deferred.

If the survey is rejected an email will be sent to the survey's author notifying them of the rejection and including any comments that were entered.

If the survey is approved an email will be sent back to the survey's author confirming the publication and notifying them of the assigned URL.

The status of the survey will be updated by changing it back to 'preparation 'where the survey has been rejected and to 'published 'where it has been approved.

Please note that any user that has been granted the Account Manager privilege will be able to approve an account's surveys by selecting the 'Pending Action 'menu item but only the nominated approver will receive a survey pending approval notification by email.






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