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Pop-Up Survey Invitation | Pop-Up Survey Code | Pop-Up Survey | Documentation
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Pop-Up Survey Invitation | Pop-Up Survey Code | Pop-Up Survey | Documentation

Pop-up Invitation Facility


In addition to sending emails inviting people to participate in a survey and establishing a static link to a survey on a website the pop-up invitation facility provides a further method to promote a survey.

In some cases the pop-up invitation can be used in isolation, for other cases it may be better to use it to compliment the other available methods.

Because the pop-up window is designed to float on top of the website page it will not be blocked by pop-up blockers.

Example of a pop-up survey invitation:

Website visitors are offered up to four options:


If the visitor selects Yes the survey will be displayed and the pop-up invitation will not be displayed to them again, regardless of whether they go on to complete the survey or not.


For a visitor who selects the Later option the pop-up invitation will stop being displayed for one hour and then the pop-up invitation may be displayed again if the visitor revisit the website and/or the specified cycle configuration causes the invitation to be activated again.


If the Tomorrow option is selected the pop-up invitation will not be shown again to the visitor until the following day and then only if the visitor revisits the website and/or the specified cycle causes the invitation to be activated again.


If the Never option is selected the pop-up invitation is cancelled and the visitor is not invited again.

For all the above options to work as designed they rely on the visitor revisiting the website using the same computer, browser and on the understanding that they have not deleted their Survey Galaxy cookies. If any of these caveats are breached then the returning visitor will be treated as a new, and not a returning, visitor.

Configuration Overview

The pop-up invitation is configured using the survey's Edit Details facility.

Activation HTML Code

To activate the facility you will need to copy the code that is provided to the website pages that you want the survey to be activated, depending on your specific requirements this might just be the website's home or a single sub-page, or it might be all, or selected multiple pages.

You will need administration access to add the activation code to the website. If you do not have access you will need to request from the website administrators that the code is added to the website, this may be an internal department, your web hosting organization or a third-party web designer or consultant.

Once the code has been added to the website you will be able to make further changes to the pop-up configuration from the survey's Edit Details facility including enabling and disabling the pop-up.

It is recommended that the code is inserted just after the <Body> tag.


Style and appearance configuration features

From the survey's Edit Details menu option you can configure both the appearance and behaviour of the pop-up invitation.

Configuring the window size, border, background and font colours

The window size, background colour, font colour and border characteristics can be customized a preview showing the resulting effect is displayed on the right.

Customizing the text

The text displayed on the pop-up invitation can be customized by amending or replacing the default message in the Introduction Text field.


By clicking on the expand arrow the website's standard WYSIWYG editor can be used.

Configuring the width and position of the pop-up invitation

By specifying left and top margin values you can determine where on the screen the invitation is displayed. The width field will allow the width of the pop-up invitation to be customized.

Customizing the Opacity

The opacity of the window can be adjusted to enable some of the webpage underneath the window to show through.


Configuring the behaviour of the pop-up invitation

By specifying a Delay value you can specify the time taken for the pop-up invitation to appear, either straight away or after a number of seconds once the web page has finished loading.

A Duration value can be specified so that if the invitation is ignored the window is withdrawn after a specified period of time.

To draw more attention to the pop-up invitation you can enable the Animate facility to configure how the pop-up window appears on the screen, either by fading in or by flying in from vertical, horizontal or diagonal directions, the relative speed of the fade or the fly can also be set.


Cycle Configuration

You can have the pop-up invitation displayed for every visitor either as soon as they arrive at the website or after a specified amount of activity.

Visitors Cycle

A useful feature for high volume websites is the ability to specify a Visitor cycle value where the pop-up invitation is only displayed to every nth visitor.

Affirmatives Cycle

A variation on the Visitors option is the Affirmatives cycle value where every nth visitor would be canvassed but if the nth visitor then rejected the invitation then the invitation will displayed for every subsequent visitor until the invitation was accepted. Once it has been accepted it would then wait for the next nth visitor.

Using the Affirmatives cycles will prevent situations that might occur if for example a website had 100 visitors and the Visitors Cycle was set to 10 and every 10th visitor happened to reject the invitation then the 10 rejections would result in no feedback.

With the same cycle setting but set to Affirmatives you would only get no feedback if 90 respondents were canvassed and they all refused to participate.

Page Displays

To trigger the pop-up invitation based on activity you have the option to set the cycle so that the pop-up invitation is displayed only after a number of page displays generated by all visitors.

Displays per visitor

To target specific visitor activity the Displays per visitor cycle will trigger the pop-up invitation based on the page displays count of each individual visitor. The higher the cycle value the more active the visitor.

Please note that the display count continues across login sessions and providing the cookies are not deleted and the visitor is using the same computer and browser then the display count will accumulate.

For testing purposes you can generate an increment to the display count by refreshing the browser.

As an alternative, or complimentary, to specifying a page displays cycle you can specify a Delay value so that only those visitors that remain on the website for a specified period of time are canvassed.

The Delay will function purely on elapse time, Page Displays and Displays per visitor value will function to some degree on activity.

Setting a Response Limit

You can deactivate the invitation popup once the number of people carrying out the survey reaches a defined threshold by either specifying a value for the number of responses started, or the number of responses completed. Set to zero for no response limit.

Pop-Up Mode

For the pop-up invitation to function the Activation HTML code must have already been added to the website.

There are three Pop-up modes :


Even if the pop-up code is present on the web page if the pop-up invitation mode is set to disabled the pop-up window will not be displayed.

Test Mode

Providing the Activation HTML code is contained on the website page if the Pop-up mode is set to Test the pop-up invitation will only be activated for the survey's publisher.

When the pop-up mode is set to Test Mode the publisher's IP address is used to identify the publisher. Please note that if you operate behind a firewall, or use an ISP service that generates dynamic IP addresses, if your IP number changes the Test mode will not continue to work and you will have to log out and then in again to the Survey Galaxy website so that the new IP address is assigned.


When the Pop-up mode is set to Enabled the pop-up invitation facility is active and will display to all the websites visitors in accordance with the configuration settings.

Saving the Configuration

To make permanent the configuration settings click on the Edit Detail's 'Save' button.

Previewing and testing the pop-invitation

When the Invitation pop-up mode is set to either enable or Test Mode an additional preview menu option will be available from the menu when selecting the survey.

The Pop-Up Preview will display the current configuration on a test page.

The purpose of the survey is to preview the size, text, colours and any animation of the pop-up invitation. Any criteria that has been specified to initiate the pop-up invitation and the functionality of the 'Later', 'Tomorrow' and 'Never' buttons will be ignored.

When using the animation effects you can repeat the preview by clicking on the 'Replay' button.

It is recommended that the pop-up invitation is also tested on your own website to ensure that the pop-up invitation colours and opacity contrast with your own website's design and colour scheme.

Show Survey Details

If a pop-up invitation has been used, an Invitation pop-up Count will be displayed in the Show Survey Details display.


The pop-up invitation will default to the Survey's base language.

To force a different language to that of the survey's base language you can add L=LC to the popup.asp query string (where LC is the required language code).

Please note although the language of the pop-up invitation can be changed the pop-up invitation does not support multiple translations.


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