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Survey Galaxy | Tutorial | Sliders
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Slider Format

Survey Galaxy provides support for question and answers that require a slider format so that respondents can register their desirability between two conditions.

The following is a screen shot of a survey using the slider format to determine to what extent the respondent 'Agrees' or 'Disagrees' with a particular statement.

Slider Format Sample Survey

Sample Slider Format


Applying the Slider Format

The slider format is an extension of the 'Data Entry Field' format.

Data Entry Field Format


Choose the 'slider' format from the 'Field Data Type' selection list, specify the 'Left' and 'Right' answers then click on the 'Save' button.

Data Entry Field Slider Format Configuration


Repeat the process to add further slider formatted questions.

Composer Preview Displaying Slider Formatted Questions

Results Analyzer

When the slider results are analysed through the online Results Analyzer the report will show the degree that all respondents chose between the two answer options.

Results Analyzer Displaying Slider Formated Results as a Pie Chart

Slider Style

The style of the slider can be changed using the Styles facility, by clicking on the 'Defaults' button.

Composer Preview Pane Styles

And then click on the currently selected slider, and select by clicking, a new slider format from those displayed.

Composer Default Styles Slider Selection


Survey Galaxy | Tutorial | Sliders 25-Jul-2024 18:08