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Survey Galaxy | Printing from the Results Analyzer
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Printing the Online Results Analyzer Report and Charts

This document describes a number of methods that will allow you to manipulate the Results Analyzer reports.

The Results Analyzer report can be exported to a Microsoft Word formatted document and/or the individual charts exported to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or as individual BMP images. Using the browser's print facility they can also be printed directly to a printer, to a PDF file or sections of the report can be selected and saved using a screen capture application.

Export Facility

The Export facility will provide the most control for formatting the report as converting to Microsoft Word will allow the most facilities for inserting page breaks and formatting text.

Configure the report first by selecting the survey items to display and selecting the chart formats, then click on the Results Analyzer's 'Export' button.

Results Analyzer Export Menu Option


The 'Export' button will display a number of export format options where you can select one or more formats and then click on the 'Submit' button.

Results Analyzer Export Options Display

The export request will be queued for processing.

Results Analyzer Export Request Queued Display

The request will be processed by the Survey Galaxy server and when complete an email will be sent that will include a link to a zip file containing the requested formats password protected by the submitting member's case sensitive Survey Galaxy login password.


Alternative Print Methods

In addition to the Export facility there are a number of complimentary print methods.


Report Setup

Once the Results Analyzer report has been configured in the Master Settings section set the 'Output to:' 'External' and ensure that the 'Chart Width:' is set to suitable size that displays the charts (and chart labels) correctly and then click on the 'Apply' button.

Results Analyzer Export Output to External Window


This will show the report in a new browser window without showing the Results Analyzer controls.

Print to Printer Using Browser

Use the new browser 'Print' menu option to send the report directly to a printer.

Please note that the Flash charts do not always print as expected due to the interactive nature of the Flash charts. The Export facility is the method recommended by Survey Galaxy for generating images of the charts.

Printing to PDF

You can choose to print to a PDF file but to do so you will need to have previously installed a PDF print driver on your computer. If you do not currently have a PDF driver installed there are a number of free PDF print drivers such as PrimoPDF. Once installed you will be able to use the browsers print option to print to a PDF file by selecting the PDF driver as opposed to a printer.

Using a PDF format output the results can be printed, or the PDF file emailed to others as an attachment.

As with printing directly to a printer, due to the nature of Flash charts, printing to a PDF format directly from the Results Analyzer may not give the expected results. If a PDF format is required Survey Galaxy recommends using the Export facility to export the Results Analyzer report to a Word document, then for the exported Word formatted document to be adjusted so that the charts and page breaks are correctly formatted, and then print to a PDF format.

Screen Capture

Using a screen capture tool parts of the report can be selected and saved using an image format such as a JPG, GIF or BMP format.

There are a number of free screen capture applications such as the snipping tool that comes free with some of Microsoft's operating systems or applications such as Gadwin PrintScreen, that will allow an area around the chart to be selected and then the selected area saved it as an image where it can be then be inserted into a PowerPoint presentations or Word document.

The screen capture is a useful compliment to the Export facility in instances where there is a particular chart where the size has to be customized so that the chart labels are fully displayed.

Non-Printing Alternative 

Using the Results Analyzer's Administrative settings the third-party access can be set to either 'Full' or 'Restricted' and third-parties then provided with a link to access the results online.


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